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Welcome to Friendly Mini Mart's Home on the World Wide Web

We are conveniently located at 25 East Main St. in Downtown Ephrata, PA

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We are a Full Service Convenience Store, in addition to our Deli, and Dollar Store offerings. We have a HUGE variety of Beverages, Snacks, Candy, and Gum.

Party Supplies, Greeting Cards, Groceries, Sundry Household Items, Seasonal Offerings (like Halls™ Sore Throat and Cough Drops), and More.

Our Deli

One of our 'Top Sellers'. The Friendly Mini Mart, Boxed Lunch : A 'Made to Order' 7" Sub, 3/4oz. Bag of Chips, 16oz. Fountain Drink, and a Cookie!

For those of you who watch your diet, and care about your health, there are some major players from all five food groups in there! That's one quick, easy, and budget-friendly, package!


Winter is here, and it is chilly out there. Thankfully Phil predicted an early Spring. But until then warm up with us!

Keep us here at Friendly Mini Mart in mind when you're insides are starting to feel as cold as your outsides. We keep on brewing Green Mountain Coffee all day, every day. Always hot, always fresh, always friendly!